I purchased a NordicTrak treadmill from Sears and also purchased the extended warranty from UTS. This company is absolutely awful to deal with.

My treadmill is not working properly and needs service. I was on hold for 45 minutes only to get disconnected. Called back and spoke to a very RUDE representative who transfered me and currently I am on hold again (27 minutes and counting). The same thing happened to me over two years ago.

Nothing has changed. Once you're able to speak to a representative, it takes forever to get service. Very surprised at both NordicTrack and Sears for having any relationship with this company. Do yourself a favor, don't buy from any of these companies.

It's not worth the aggravation.

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Same issues as above. Craig, how long should a person be patient?

I've been waiting over a month to get my treadmill fixed and still nothing.

Can't even get the parts to my house. UTS is horrible.


I also had a horrible experience with UTS and their ridiculous customer service and hold times, but more precisely with their repair contractor: True Fitness. The True Fitness repair guy didn't bother returning calls, and was 2 hours late without notifying me on one of the calls ("Hi, I'm here").

I called UTS to complain.

I later read many UTS reviews which are 97% negative and figured UTS obviously could care less. Buyer beware.


The problem is with you. I have had nothing but stellar service from UTS and my Proform 1200 eliptical. Grow up, be reasonably patient and stop being a baby.


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